I have written and deleted essentially every copy of this blog post. Because, and this doesn’t happen often, I honestly just don’t know what to say about last nights results. So forgive the rambles to follow.

I’m not even quite sure I should be writing one because I’m certain that just about everyone else who is infuriated by last night’s results has put this much more eloquently than I am about too.

I was up until 2:30 to hear the devastating news that a racists, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic asshole is now in control of the united states. This morning when I woke up I laid in bed and cried as a knot in my stomach that still hasn’t gone away formed. A churning, burning , pitting feeling because all I can think about is how terrified and unsafe every minority group in the united states must be feeling right now. Rewatching his acceptance speech this morning I felt sick as though I was watching some sort of version of the purge.

I am so privileged to be in a position where I have never been told that I cannot practice my religion, or that I cannot love who I choose to love etc etc. And last night instead of moving forward we went so many years backwards. But all of this you know. If you are reading this post you already know so I will not continue exhausting you. Because the truth is my head is spinning. I feel uneducated, I feel helpless, my head hurts and my heart feels heavy. Everything I’ve wanted to argue, someone has said it 10x better. Bear with me, I just need to get this off my chest.

I’d like to make it clear that I am so unbelievable angry and disappointed that hate is still winning. If you voted trump last night you chose hate. You chose segregation and discrimination. You chose to support the many wrongs that so many devoted individuals have been fighting to abolish for years and years. It makes me sick that one day I will tell my children that I watched as North America supported such a horrible man and put him in power. If I’m brutally honest the fact that such an influential country chose Donald Trump as their leader makes me reconsider having children at all.

Now this post is about the election. But I’d like to take this small opportunity to remind everyone that all around the world hate wins everyday. I’m so unbelievably disappointed that we can be this misinformed. That around the world we can settle for being this uneducated.  That we will continue with our warm and safe ignorance. I know that I am normally happy go lucky. But today I am scared. I am discouraged. I am uncertain of what humanity is playing at. 

I don’t know why last night happened. I don’t know if the developed world needed a slap right in the face to realize how much work we have left to do. Maybe all hell had to break loose before people FINALLY understand. However, we’re all pretty familiar with the fact that that once captains of the Titanic saw the iceberg it was too little too late. I don’t want to think like that though, it goes against my nature not to wonder if maybe this is all happening for some greater reason that I just don’t understand.  I’m just horrified at the thought of at how many people who would never have voted for trump in the first place will have to suffer before the people that did realize they really really- for lack of a better term- f*cked up.

So with all of this being said I hope you’re absolutely furious. Don’t let anyone tell you this this isn’t your problem if you are not an american citizen.  If you’re of that mindset I’ll politely and firmly demand that you do your research. If you don’t think what this man does in the United States will affect every other country on this planet you are so unbelievable mistaken.  If I can beg for anything from this outcome it will be that we fight harder, and for better . That we realize we all need to love a little more than necessary. That we shed the ignorant misconception that this world is a safe place for everyone just because you feel safe- because that is so clearly and utterly not the case.

Whether you voted for Hilary last night because  you genuinely wanted her as your President or because you could not stand the thought of a pig running your country- as your Canadian neighbour I want to thank you for standing against hate.

This is my rant. I know it doesn’t change anything. However I felt that if I remained silent  it would represent support of last nights decision. And so like I normally do when I’m upset, I wrote.


With love for all women, the LGBT+ community, all races, all religions,

all people,


001// Do I Cry Often?

when words pour out of me, I cannot equate it to anything other than tears. 

my mind releases and suddenly water is pouring out of my mouth

as if I have never sobbed. that is how fast it happens.

and suddenly the flood gates have broken and everything is soaking wet.

drenched in love and hate and anger and courage and sorrow and deep pitting realization

it’s almost as if the salty drops well up in the pits of my lungs and are replaced with oxygen as they hit the paper

as if putting my soul into written form is the very mechanism that allows me to refuel

what a bittersweet way to share your art

– when you ask me if I cry often