What I Thought I needed

I like rainy days because they don’t carry any weight to them
It seems that the earth can just take a break and be
without any expectations but to grow and nurture itself
The flowers are blooming the way I imagine myself.
Slowly- with a great silent effort, and then? All at once.

“It makes me sad to think about how long I let myself suffer with the things that I have been through before I chose self care”

– you were doing what you thought you needed.

Today’s theme?

What a word, safety net, and horrid space.

For me? My go-to, certified A+, one way street to a coping mechanism that is a full proof and easy way to make sure you can walk through hell with a smile on your face.
Put whatever happened in a box, seal it with a kiss, DON’T talk about it and NEVER look at it again. And there you go, you’re happy all the time because it just. doesn’t. exist.

I’m on a bit of a self journey at the moment (… isn’t life one big self journey…)  and that’s why I want to talk about what we can recognize in ourselves as methods of coping that we mask as healing.

“It makes me sad to think about how long I let myself suffer with the things that I have been through before I chose self care”

I thought I was saving myself. Now I realize that there’s a lot of grief and loss in my life that has never gone away. It feels like a breath of fresh air to say that. To recognize that it’s okay, but what I thought was self care… well it wasn’t. I’m not even sure I know what I’ve learned from this yet other than that I need to not do it.

What is self care to me now? I don’t know if I have the answer to that yet.
Right now it comes in baby steps. I get more sleep, do yoga, I (try to) say no when I don’t have time to see people, I eat ice cream more than once a month, I take myself on walks and sit with trees, and most importantly I give myself permission to feel and do my best not to apologize for taking the time I need to do that.
OH.. and I cry. A lot. Not just about sad, but when I feel joy as well.

This isn’t a self help blog. I’m not here to teach you how to practice self care, or tell  you that you compartmentalize or cope in certain ways. Because that would imply that I know what I’m doing or that I think the way I live is the way that others should.

What I’d love to start is a conversation. How do you see self care? How do you implement it into your busy life? What are ways in which you have learned from dealing with HARD, earth shattering shit. How do you recognize when you’re dealing with something in an unhealthy way? What do you do about it?

I think the ways in which we cope are undeniably human. I want to know more about it. I want it to be something we aren’t scared to talk about.
Share with me?

With Love,


A Westminster Sunset

Anyone who knows me knows that my favourite thing in the entire world is a sunset or a sunrise. I am completely enamoured every. single. time. I mean you’re quite literally watching the world light itself on fire every day. You are witnessing the earth wake itself up or put itself to bed each night. The Sun is Mother Nature in its purest form. Humans have no ounce of control over it and it is a constant reminder that this earth does not need us. Each time I sit in silent awe, I am once again reminded of the duty we have to this earth to give it the respect and gratitude it deserves. I have made it my goal to see the sun set and the sun rise in as many places around the world that I can. 
If you are in London and do not get to see the sunset over Westminster I am telling you here that you are doing it wrong. Take the tube or walk from wherever you are staying and get off at the Westminster stop. Grab yourself a bottle of wine and some friends, if you’ve none of those (as I didn’t) grab yourself a pair of headphones and cross the bridge to the other side so you are facing Big Ben. You then want to be on the left side of the bridge. There are many places you can sit along the edge or on the stairs and sit. If you’re in London in the Summer time make sure you get there around 2110 and be prepared to stay until at least 2210. If you take music with you I recommend taking the headphones out at some point to feel the city around you. Feel the air, smell London, really know where you are and how you feel. It’s a brilliant experience. 

Here are some pictures from that night