Why does this blog exist? Good question.

What do I know:
1. I am in awe:  of the human condition and how people can connect through words under so many contexts, of how intertwined our experiences are, of the world around me and the way the air feels in my lungs and the sun feels on my skin, of the way love feels, of the times that tears spring to my eyes from gratitude, of the way it hurts, of the resilience of those around me. It’s always been about the little things. 

2. I write poetry. A lot of it. It’s how I navigate the world. I’m tired of being scared of how raw it is. I’d like to be proud of it and use it to engage with others.

3. Perspective matters.  How we ourselves choose to interpret the world around us makes all the difference. I think it matters that we make the conscious effort to choose optimism, kindness and love.

4. I want to create a platform that exudes positivity and lifestyle improvement. I want to talk about and explore the parts of the human experience that are hard and weepy and uncomfortable. I want to stop avoiding topics that are controversial or “embarrassing.” I want to try new things and challenge myself while connecting with likeminded individuals who want to create discussion around the same. Let’s be open and honest about the way it feels. 

5. A bigger picture is important. When I started my blog, I strictly published my poetry. I put myself into a box as a poet, and denied the other ways in which I could use writing as a tool to learn from and connect with others. Now I feel compelled to hold myself accountable to doing more with this platform. For our planet, for myself, to other individuals. To discover and learn wherever possible.

What is the heart we carry with us? I’m still learning all about it, maybe you are too. This blog is a journey.

Join me?

With love,